New Dean of Admissions Announced

Maria Laskaris ’84 will be the new Dean of Admissions at Dartmouth College effective July 1. Laskaris has risen through the ranks of the admissions office, starting her work there in 1987. Prior to this appointment, her job title was Director of Admissions. What is Provost Scherr’s take on the appointment?

She seems to be a good person to have in a very responsible position such as this one.

Something more definitive might be a bit more reassuring.

Laskaris replaces Dean Karl Furstenberg, who announced his retirement last fall. Furstenberg was haunted in his last years at Dartmouth when it was found out in late 2004 that he sent a letter the President of Swarthmore extolling him for his decision to do away with that school’s football team. Furstenberg wrote that the culture of football was “antithetical to the academic mission of colleges such as ours.”