New Charter Trustees on the Way?

As Dartblog has already mentioned today, we are rapidly approaching the 22nd—the date, before which, the Board of Trustees promised not to seat any new Charter Trustees. They announced that in a joint notice concerning the Dartmouth Trustee Elections:

Respondent Trustees of Dartmouth College previously advised the Court that its Board of Trustees would not elect new Charter Trustees until the earlier of February 1, 2008 or resolution of the above captioned litigation. In order to give the Court more time to rule on Respondent’s pending motion to dismiss [no longer pending], Respondent has agreed to defer further the date on which new Charter Trustees will be elected until the earlier of February 22, 2008 or resolution of the above-captioned litigation. Accordingly, Petitioner Association of Alumni of Dartmouth College does not find it necessary to resubmit its Motion for Preliminary Injunction at this time. Counsel for the parties have agreed to continue to discuss timing issues and will alert the Court promptly if it becomes necessary for Petitioner to resubmit its Motion for Preliminary Injunction.

The above was submitted on the 17th of January. Will the Board brazenly move forward in seating new Charter Trustees? In all probability, we shall know in a week’s time.