New Blog to Satirize Dartmouth Life

The Darting Mouth is the newest Dartmouth-oriented blog to hit the web, in an effort to compete with the surprisingly-funny and popular Dunyun. Introducing themselves to the Dartmouth community, the three authors known as Madwand, Occum’sRazor, and NotLott, had this to say:

We would like to formally announce the beginning of The Darting Mouth. This blog is a humorous publication (or tries to be one) that reports on news at Dartmouth College. Our reports, however, are almost entirely fictional.

Relying on extreme exaggeration if not outright making things up, we would like to put forth a humorous look at Dartmouth as a culture and a place to be

By my count, four of the first five posts have focused on food and DDS–and none have been terribly funny. However, the blog is very young and given the everyday circus of Dartmouth life, it has potential to grow far beyond the headline “DDS Sells Food”. 

At any rate, TDR welcomes The Darting Mouth to the web.

Dave Lumbert