Neukom: Proportion of Elected Trustees May Change

Current Chairman of the Board of Trustees Bill Neukom ’64 gave a presentation at a May 19th meeting of the Alumni Council. At the meeting he expressed dissatisfaction with the amount of money that entered the last trustee election. When asked if he would ensure that the number of elected trustees would remain the same as the number of charter trustees, he replied:

In terms of honoring that [keeping the proportion the same], any Board of the College would be aware of it and the history since then, but it is of even more importance that the Board look at current circumstances and do what it thinks is in the best interest of the College.

Also voicing discontent with the recent election was Rick Routhier ‘73 Tu’76, the chairman of the the Alumni Council’s nominating committee. He was specifically worried if, in the future, the Council would be able to find capable alumni willing to run:

The current rules allow for campaigning, which means whoever runs will have to have money to campaign, and that is not an attractive opportunity for many people who would interested in and capable of serving on the Board of Trustees.

Or they could, of course, find someone who supports their positions to pay for their campaign. This new development makes the recent Association of Alumni election all the more important. One can hope that a petition heavy Executive Committee (of the AoA) will oppose any curtailment of rights that alumni now possess.