My editorial today

Well I’m glad they printed it, but the Daily D did defang it quite a bit. So I thought I’d post the sentences that they must have felt were too edgy.

Last sentence of first paragraph:

“Of course, maybe Brent C. Reidy and Kabir Sehgal would have realized this had they actually considered the merits of their own claims.”

Middle of second paragraph:

“Further, he thinks that ‘The name Dartmouth ought to shake the walls of a room when it is slipped into a conversation.'” (The point of this one was to show how immature this kid is.)

End of third paragraph:

“To require an ego boost from this type of verbal massage is, quite frankly, something I�d expect from kids in elementary school.”

End of fifth:

“No, these students, like Mr. Reidy and Mr. Sehgal, apply because they want jaws to drop when they mention they attend Dartmouth. “

Beginning of seventh:

I called Mr. Reidy’s editorial a “childish rant,” but that didn’t make it.

End of seventh:

“At the end of his editorial, Mr. Reidy asks, ‘Where do we draw the line between being low key and being last?’ We�re neither, and if Mr. Reidy truly thinks this, maybe he should reapply to Harvard; it might be a better fit.”

I liked the original version a lot better.