More Political News

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Carol Moseley-Braun will “definitely” run for her old Senate seat in 2004. If she wins the primary, she will face off against Republican Peter Fitzgerald, a Dartmouth grad who soundly defeated Moseley-Braun in 1998. (I interned for him in 1999.)

Roll Call thinks Fitzgerald is the most endangered incumbent going into the next cycle; I doubt that. Though he’s angered many conservatives by being too John McCain-y, he’ll cakewalk the nomination. He’s very good on constituent services, and he’s managed to keep his image free from partisanship — critical for a Republican in Illinois. If Moseley-Braun wins the Democratic nomination, Fitzgerald will win reelection handily. If she doesn’t win the nomination, there will no doubt be a bruising primary, because black voters in Chicago love her. Either scenario looks good for the GOP.

ALSO: Lott will not announce his resignation as majority leader at today’s press conference, says Fox News.