More on the Frost Lectures

Frost with students in library

Vox of Dartmouth has more on the transcribed lectures:

Nuggets of intriguing information can be found throughout the transcript, such as Frost’s admission that he doesn’t often use the word beauty “because I got sort of a fear of it, I think,” and his description of the poem “A Drumlin Woodchuck,” as “my most Vermontly poem.” He also noted that Ezra Pound objected to the word “tessellation” in Frost’s poem “The Ingenuities of Debt.”

College Archivist Peter Carini, who helped Sitar with some aspects of the project, credits the Dartmouth alumnus for turning an excellent idea into a reality. “Frost had an eclectic style of speaking, and he didn’t take a straight line,” he says. “Transcribing it and making sense of it all is a significant piece of work.”

Also, the link I gave to the first published transcription is no longer good. Use this link instead.