More on Poetry

You may be interested to know why I wanted to post the poem “New Hampshire.” (Alright, maybe you’re not.) Besides being a great poem about a great state, it has this unbeatable stanza:

She had one President. (Pronounce him Purse,

And make the most of it for better or worse.

He’s your one chance to score against the state.)

She had one Daniel Webster. He was all

The Daniel Webster ever was or shall be.

She had the Dartmouth needed to produce him.

Neat, huh? Those of you who worked on the 2000 presidential campaign will appreciate this little bit, too:

And I remember one whose name appeared

Between the pictures on a movie screen

Election night once in Franconia,

When everything had gone Republican

And Democrats were sore in need of comfort:

Easton goes Democratic, Wilson 4

Hughes 2. And everybody to the saddest

Laughed the loud laugh the big laugh at the little.

Why did I only encounter this after graduation…