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Here’s the email I sent to the chair of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. I sent similar emails to Dean Larimore and the chair of the Sociology Department. Feel free to send emails yourself. Their email addresses are:

Dean Jim Larimore:

Marsha Swislocki, Chair, Department of Spanish and Portuguese:

John L. Campbell, Chair, Sociology Department:


Dear Professor Swislocki,

My name is Emmett M. Hogan, and I am a 2001 graduate from Dartmouth. I recently read two pieces in The Daily Dartmouth that troubled me greatly. They are:

“Responsible Government,” by Andrew Biteen ’04 – January 23, 2003

“Students to Attend D.C. Protest,” by Kaitlin Bell – January 16, 2003

These pieces state that the Department of Spanish and Portuguese provided funds to students to cover the costs of a trip to DC. The purpose of the trip was to protest the Administration’s policy towards Iraq.

I am writing this letter because, as a concerned alum, I fear this action — if true — amounts to an unconscionable misuse of College funds. Please let me know if these accounts are true, and if money from your department — at a prestigious liberal arts institution — has been used for political ends.

Sincerely yours,

Emmett M. Hogan ’01

Day Number: 215-717-3473

Evening Number: 215-546-4655