More on “Dartmouth’s Worst Feeder School”

Three years later and we’re still getting hate mail; Ben should be proud. For those who don’t know, Ben actually did graduate from Horace Mann. Really. He’s even engaged in professional journalism and regularly producing stories like this gem, “Kidnapped tortoise makes slow escape,” for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Since I don’t have the time or inclination to “sic” this letter, trust that it is published verbatim. It’s funnier that way, regardless:

To whom it may concern,

I was shocked when I received an a-mail about the article written in your newspaper, but I was utterly disgusted after reading it’s contents. As a so-called Gucci clad snob I find myself with my jaw wide open as I read this article. It is understandable that a superior school such as Horace Mann would receive its fair share of scrutiny every so often, and I myself have read many of these articles, but I am curious as to where you found your facts. We are not dismissed early on Fridays and are not devoid of school events. I have attended my school pep rally before each Homecoming weekend, watched our football team at its best, attended our Winter Formal Dance, and played on Varsity Water Polo and Swimming, of which I was the captain. Most students are on sports teams and practice each day taking their teams very seriously. But first and foremost we are at Horace Mann to learn. Our school does not give out ! athletic scholarships only academic. Students are into their work and excited for college because you do not attend Horace Mann unless you are interested in learning and continued growth in a college setting. At Horace Mann I made incredible friends, went to parties, studied, and was given opportunities others seldom get. I never wore black pants to school, never drove a BMW or a Lexii, and I was never tutored each night of the week. I graduated with immense pride and gratitude for my wonderful experience and felt a great appreciation to my parents and teachers who guided me through my years at Horace Mann. After a well balanced normal four year high school experience I do not find that my parents try to live vicariously through me in the hope that I will become the “new elite” but I do miss Horace Mann. For whoever wrote your article has never truly been part of the Horace Mann community and witnessed its inspiring atmosphere. My seni! or year I watched a best friend in Little Shop of Horrors the winter musical, watched another play the violin in a recital, blasted our stereos in the cafeteria while dancing on the benches with friends, meditated in history class, and played Frisbee on the field. And this only represents a small fraction of what goes on each day. You cannot write an article at Horace Mann unless you have been through it and if you have and still come out with this opinion it is only because you never made the effort to get involved and missed out on what Horace Mann was about and left jealous of your class mates who were able to enjoy themselves.

I hope that you will review your articles from now on before publishing them and make sure your writers portray their information more accurately.


Elizabeth Kahn

A proud Horace Mann Graduate