More News on the Lawsuit Front

The following announcement was released by the College’s public affairs office:

  • The parties have agreed on a briefing schedule for the College’s motion to dismiss the Association’s petition, which the College filed Oct. 26. The Association will file its memorandum in opposition to motion on Nov. 16. The College will file its reply to the Association’s opposition on Dec. 7. The parties will ask the court to set the hearing on the motion to dismiss for as soon after Dec. 7 as the court’s calendar allows.
  • The Association of Alumni is withdrawing its motion for a preliminary injunction in light of the College’s representation to the court, also in papers filed Oct. 26, that no new Trustees will be elected at the Nov. 9-10 Board of Trustees meeting. The court hearing on the motion for a preliminary injunction, previously scheduled for Nov. 9, will be cancelled.