More football

One play which sums up the season:

Tied 10-10 with 6 minutes to go in the fourth, Dartmouth blocked a Princeton field goal attempt. However, Princeton picked up the loose ball, and after a lateral, ran it in for the decisive touchdown.

This football team deserved better than a 1-9 record. They probably should’ve been a 3-7 or 4-6 team. One season like that would be a fluke, but this program has been stale for 7-8 years. At that point it comes down to attitude, and eventually you have to look at the coaches. Fair or not, look for a coaching change this offseason. Changing basketball and football coaches in successive years is tough, but the school has proven it can and will support its sporting teams that put forth a watchable effort (see hockey, baseball, lacrosse).

This is a once proud program that still holds more Ivy League Titles (17) than anyone else (Penn and Yale are next with 13 apiece). Hopefully we won’t have to go through 20 straight losing seasons like hockey did before they finally start winning again.