More Daily D errata

Though Nat has already noted one error, more interesting is their article here, which contains a stunning number of incorrect dates and other facts.

  • Eleazar Wheelock died in 1779, not 1789.

  • Dartmouth Hall, though technically constructed between 1784 and 1791, is listed as constructed in 1791. (Not necessarily inaccurate, but assuredly incomplete.)

  • The Tuck School was founded in 1900, not 1902 as stated.

  • The Thayer School was founded in 1867, not 1851.

  • The movie Animal House was released in 1978, according to IMDB, not 1973 as stated in the article.

  • The Dartmouth College Case (Dartmouth College v. Woodward) was decided by the Supreme Court in 1819, not 1816. (For the record, it reached the SCOTUS in 1818.)

  • Nathan Lord became president of the College in 1828, not 1826.

  • The Mohegan Indian who went abroad to raise the funds for the College was Samson Occom (or, in a less common variation, Samson Occum), not Samuel Occum.

There may be more errors, these are just a few easily caught.