Men’s hockey – Saturday

Here’s the difference between Dartmouth and Cornell, and why Cornell makes the NCAA tournament regularly and wins things like conference championships while Dartmouth has never won an ECAC title or made the NCAA tournament in 25 years.

Cornell is 22-4-3 because they don’t lose to teams they have no business losing to. They may not win all the big games, but they beat up on the Yales and Princetons and Quinnipiacs of the world.

Dartmouth could easily be 22-5-2 right now, with a first round bye in hand and be sitting at home knowing it has an NCAA bid locked up. Instead it’s 18-11-2 and firmly on the bubble because it still fails to learn the lesson and continues to take it easy against the piss-poor teams of the hockey nation. 6 of Dartmouth’s 11 losses have come against the sisters of the poor, including tonight’s inexcusable loss in OT, 5-4, to the Elis.

On one hand, you have to give credit to Yale’s goaltender for stopping 60 of 64 shots. On the other hand, 4 goals should still be more than enough to win the game against a bottom-feeder.