Meet the 53%

It was only a matter of time until direct backlash began against the silly Occupy Wall Street movement. One such salvo has been the new site We Are the 53%, which directly counters the protester site We Are the 99%. The 53% figure refers to the share of Americans who actually pay an income tax. Many of their stories are the same kinds of rough stuff that is posted on the 99% site: working multiple jobs, lacking insurance, having to change careers after one’s dreams don’t work out, and so on. What sets them apart is that they are willing to keep working to improve their situation and do not simply blame “Wall Street greed” for whatever is imperfect about their lives. They exude patriotism, optimism, and a respect for hard work, all classic American virtues that are perfect for wading through tough economic times. We would all do well to learn from their example…after all, once we leave the Dartmouth bubble, that could be us!

–Blake Neff