Mathias: So, I do not think parity is a good idea at all.

I’m front-paging this anonymous comment from the post immediately below this one:

John Mathias recently had this to say about elections conducted by his fellow alumni, and the role of alumni in helping provide oversight of the College:

I have come to the view that “parity” is not a good thing, driven principally by the abusive electioneering and demagoguery of the last two petition trustees [Smith and Robinson/Zywicki?], the slating done by the Hanover Institute, the formation and financing of petitioner candidate slates by the Hanover Institute for election to the AoA EC, the acceptance by the Hanover Institute of non-Dartmouth financial support, the egregious misconduct of Trustee Zywicki (who should never have become a Dartmouth Trustee under any credible system of selection), and the ideas currently being advanced by the likes of Mr. Gale that alumni trustees should somehow “steer the Board”–among other things.

So, I do not think parity is a good idea at all.
By john mathias ’69, at 11/16/2007 9:53 AM

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