Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump

1 part Limiting Access to Abortion

2 parts Dirt-covered Hands of the Working Man

1 part “Marriage is between a man and a woman”

Garnished with the Second Amendment

Served in sippy cups to all the infantile liberals

This is it. This is the end of the Republican Party. There will never be another Republican president. Every state is turning blue. 

The red light at the end of the tunnel is fading.  He is our last hope.  We can’t lose.

She is the most qualified person to every run for the office of president.  She is not the lesser of two evils, she is the best candidate you could ask for.

Traditional values, fiscal conservativism, unapologetic foreign policy… all gone.

The future of America is female.

Where are you, God?

Shatter the glass ceiling!

What’s happening to my way of life?


Oh my God.

She lost?

We won?

But… how?

We won!

*Sobbing and rocking back and forth* I can’t even right now.

*Crying of joy* Make American Great Again!

By Conrad Kissinger