Libertarians and the Trustee Elections

Ed Naile of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers sends this email:

Since The Coalition of NH Taxpayers took matters into our own hands on April 1 we have assembled 150 ballots and sent them to the Alumni relations Office. They should arrive there tomorrow.

We used genuine NH Guest Receipts from a NH restaurant which we believe, after carefully reviewing our Bylaws, to be just as valid for voting in our Dartmouth Trustee Election as Dartmouth students Texas or Pennsylvania drivers licenses, Dartmouth ID cards, and letters from the Admissions Office are in NH elections for Governor and Congress.

Our favored candidates are Peter Robinson and Todd Wyniki. In fact, those two are the only Trustee Candidates to receive any Coalition votes. How about that!

In any case, we hope you will stop by the Alumni Relations Office about the time they get their mail and make sure our ballots are received. Obviously we plan on challenging any attempt at disqualifying our legitimate right to vote in NH elections even if we have to come back to Hanover next April 1 to claim our equitable rights.

Our good friend, Bud Fitch, at the NH Attorney General’s Office seems to have a very broad, evolving, unique, amorphous, and vague interpretation of who can vote in NH which we are sure will include our ballots so it should not be a problem.

Naile was involved in the April 1 protest on the Green.

Those who are presently allowed to vote (Dartmouth alumni) can vote until May 6.