Letter from the SA to Alums

I haven’t seen anything about this posted here, so here goes-

Dear Young Alums,

As some of you may have heard, this Saturday, Dec. 6, the Association of Alumni will vote on a new constitution, merging with the other alumni governing body, the Alumni Council. The problem lies in the fact that the new joint constitution could be amended by a small group, the leadership of the association. Further, the new constitution gives this leadership the wide discretion to call new meetings in any manner they see fit – by internet ballot, mail ballots, or meetings in Hanover. Alumni’s rights to vote on trustees could be taken away and placed in the hands of that leadership group. Members of Student Assembly are not accusing anyone of trying to immediately take away alumni’s voting rights; however, the new constitution would allow for this dangerous possibility. Considering the recent fiascos at the administrative level of the College, from the SLI to the swim team and library cuts, it seems that now more than ever Dartmouth alums need to demand open and accountable governance and a renewed roll in the selection of trustees.

Also disturbing is the fact that according to a recent alumni-funded poll, 89% of alumni were not aware that a new constitution was being proposed. Several alumni have contacted us and are vehemently opposed to the new constitution because of its vulnerability to non-democratic amendments.

Because this proposed constitution is dangerously susceptible to significant non-democratic changes and because so many alumni are unaware that the vote is taking place, the issue should be tabled by being voted down until these problems have been addressed. There are many good changes in this constitution, but because it remains dangerously nebulous on issues of great importance to all alums, it must be voted down. Help preserve our rights as future alumni by coming to Hanover to vote no on these changes!

Feel free to forward this to your friends who are alumni so that they can have a chance to come to Hanover and vote this down. Buses for the day cost only $10 from New York City as part of an organizational effort by the alumni relations office. Please consider making your voice heard.

But we know many of you can’t get away from your work and lives for this vital event, so we would ask you to instead please blitz those responsible for safeguarding your liberties, and CC Student.Assembly@Dartmouth.EDU on those blitzes so we can compile a record of those emails.

Please blitz President of the Association of Alumni, Michael McClintock ’80, and tell him he needs to stand up for alumni against this dramatic and dangerous change. His blitz account is: Michael.R.McClintock.80@Alum.Dartmouth.ORG


Janos Marton

Student Body President

Noah Riner

Student Body Vice President

I remember there being another Alumni Association meeting that ended up being cancelled due to 9/11 where Grossman tried to get alums to mail in proxy votes for those alums who couldn’t make it. Would a blitzed proxy ballot work? I tried blitzing one to Janos, and he said he’d go and see if it works.

Otherwise, is there any fax number to which we can send a proxy ballot?

This sounds like pretty typical Administration maneuvering to subvert the Alumni Association, and as such, needs to be fought.