LaRouche 2004

LaRouche goons have desended on our campus. I am under the persuasion that they planted someone in the crowd at tonight’s mock Democratic debate who asked a question urging the “immediate removal of puppetmaster Cheney.”

I managed to pick up the second extensive pamphlet in his series from a derelict soul disbursing them, entitled “Children of Satan II: The Beast-Men”. The extensive 48 page publication outlines the perceived threat of Dick Cheney. Truly wily in their attempt to spread their message, the “goons” have been known to disturb classes today to hand out their subversive materials.

Here is a brief excerpt:

“For example, Vice President, or, shall we say, “President of Vice” Cheney and his chief of staff I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, head the list of suspects in the ongoing Justice Department national security probe of the leaking of the identity of a Central Intelligence Agency undercover intelligence officer, who also happened to be the wife of former Ambassador Joseph Wilson…While Vice President and political hit-man Cheney exhibits all the “Beast-man” characteristics of a Straussian fascist himself, it is his wife, Lynne, who has been the intellectual in the Cheney household. She has been a fellow-traveller of this neo-fascist apparatus for at least the past several decades.”

and continues

“Dick Cheney is not a copy of Adolf Hitler, but he comes directly out of the same background as Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, and their like from the 1922-45 pages of modern history. He belongs to the same psychopathological stereotype which history traces back to the ancient Phrygian Dionysus from whom the models of the Spanish Grand Inquisitor and the French Jacobin Terror are traced by the leading intellectual founder of all modern fascist movements…The Cheney-Strauss-Nazi connections to Maistre are clear, and crucial for understanding the Nazi-like global menace which Cheney, as a sitting US Vice President, typifies for the world today.”

Also charges that Howard Dean is being backed by “Dope Czar Soros”… stating that “Howard Dean is one of the Democratic assets Soros seems to be acquiring.