Just Frats?

The Daily D confirmed something Dartlog had tentatively reported about three weeks ago. While not as extreme as our original source feared, next year’s fraternity pledges will be required to undergo “sexual assault awareness programming”. Dave Lindenbaum ’08, Inter-Fraternity Council President, told the Daily D the following:

We acknowledge that we control, as fraternities, some of the major social scene on campus. We are in a unique position to address issues that evolve from the social scene. The best way is to start educating people about what happens in a social scene, and what you should be doing to protect everyone that’s in that social scene.

Praise for the decision abounded from all corners. There remains, however, an obvious question. Why won’t sorority pledges be undergoing the same process? Most would argue, correctly, that women are much more likely to be a sexual assault victim rather than an instigator, but that argument would still leave the exclusion of the Coed houses unexplained.