Jason Derulo: Programming Board Success

For those of you who might have missed the stunning success that was the Spring Concert this evening, some of the highlights:

Rather than prove that he has actually produced a song other than the massacre of Imogen Heap that is “Whatcha Say“, Jason Derulo chose to demonstrate how truly poor his lip syncing skills are. The mob of 13 girls behind me managed to scream more of his lyrics then he himself did. In addition to this, his dancing skills were put to shame by those of his background dancers, a fact for which he tried to compensate by ripping off his clothes with as much frequency as possible. The only redeeming part of his performance, in fact, was that it finally put an end to the opening act, Telephoned (there is only so much sequin shaking one can take). Coming on the heels of last year’s Three 6 Mafia success, it is clear the Programming Board is really hitting it home with their concert lineups.