Jack Stinson: Hanover Legend

A staple of Hanover and Dartmouth alike, Stinson’s Village Store and its proud owner, Jack Stinson have been an integral part of the Hanover community for years. As Mr. Stinson celebrates his 60th birthday, it seems fitting to reflect upon the life of a man who has had such a profound impact on the community he cares so deeply about. The life of this incredible man is defined by his deeds—his service and care for those around him.

Born in Boston, Jack attended Davis and Elkins College, graduating with a degree in business. He then moved to Hanover and purchased the store that would become his life’s passion. Since 1979, the Stinson family has owned and operated the legendary store on Allen street, Jack working each day open to close to build the little store just off of main street into a special part of Hanover. A testament to small business owners everywhere, Jack embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. His store is so much more than its shelves of products, rather it is a fundamental part of Hanover’s and Dartmouth’s identity.

Constantly giving back, Jack always lends a helping hand to those in the Hanover area. Through his store and his personal work, Jack has given so much to others, expecting nothing in return. Through his volunteer work, he has aided countless organizations in the Hanover area. From grilling for suicide prevention, to helping local sports teams supplies for their cookouts—he also provides the grills for the local boy scout cookouts—Jack never hesitates to lend a helping hand. His influence in the community is unmistakable. You would be hard pressed to find a community event that Jack has not left a positive mark on. Never one to take the spotlight, he works behind the scenes giving whatever he can, whenever he can—it seems that no is not a word in his vocabulary.

Serving Hanover, Jack has been a proud member of the Hanover Recreation Board for 11 years, promoting programs for youth sports and other popular community events. He was also once named Hanover’s Man of the Year, an honor well deserved.

For the Dartmouth student, he welcomes the freshmen class with a delicious and homemade dinner and breakfast before they depart for their freshman trips. His welcoming act (and delicious root beer floats) makes freshmen feel at home and gives Jack the chance to meet the new personalities of Dartmouth.

Students everywhere are always happy to share memories of Jack. “His subtle sense of humor and no nonsense attitude always leads to some laughs at the register,” Longtime Customer and Review Correspondent John Stahel ‘18 said. “Above all his generosity knows no ends—he continues to keep keystone in the basements at affordable prices for the Greek system.”

Just steps away from Dartmouth’s campus, streams of students have flowed through the door of Stinson’s Store. His caring personality is evident in the profound ties he has formed over the years with students and others who work with the store.

“He has been there forever, I am always impressed with how the alumni always stop by and say hi.” said Scott Swain, a longtime vendor of Stinson’s. “I am amazed at the relationships he has. He is such a great guy and he is always there for the students.”

Students everywhere sing the praises of this deserving man. The relationships he has forged with generations of Dartmouth students are incredible and numerous. He has even been known to make special shipments of plastic cups, paddles, and ping pong balls for nostalgic alumni in desperate need of a game of pong.

“We at the review have always had a strong relationship with the Stinsons and their eponymous store. Jack has been taking care of the beverage and food needs of both students and the school for years,” Said John Stahel ’18. “I hope to see Jack and Donna behind the register for many years to come.”

Stories like these seem limitless whenever Stinson’s and its benevolent owner arise. It is rare to find such a selfless and kind person, and we here at Dartmouth are lucky to have Jack as a member of our community.

All of us at The Dartmouth Review would like to wish Jack a very happy and healthy birthday. We hope he continues to thrive as an important part of the Dartmouth community—we will undoubtedly be cracking open a few keystones in his honor.