Ivy Grad Publishes 2nd Book

Travis Rowley’s first book, Out of Ivy, revealed how a liberal Ivy, Brown University, turned him into a committed conservative. Providence Journal editor Robert Whitcomb wrote, “Mr. Rowley’s description of incidents on Brown’s politically correct campus are by turns hilarious, infuriating, and intriguing as he provides one of the sharpest and most detailed inside looks at elite higher education seen in a long time, Tom Wolfe’s ‘I am Charlotte Simmons’ included.”

Mr. Rowley’s new book released last week does not attack Brown University, but the last 70 years of Rhode Island’s left-wing activists, unions, and Democrats who have propelled RI into bankruptcy and achieved the 10th highest total state and local tax burden in the country. When asked what he hopes to accomplish, Mr. Rowley says, “Nothing short of a wholesale power shift will satisfy me… My political experience, coming out of Brown University, has been with the far left. And I think that has put me in a unique position to be able to point out the radical elements that have infiltrated Rhode Island government.” Mr. Rowley is currently the chairman of the “oldest political youth organization in the United States” RI Young Republicans.