It’s a small world.

Recently, the D has been running articles about a writer of theirs, Jenn Buck, who went to Iraq to cover the occupation. Well, one of my friends happens to have a brother serving in Iraq with the Air Force–here is what he had to say in a recent blitz, written in what my friend describes as “his signature prose”:

“The other week, a college girl got in a convoy up to our base. She then

managed to get to our flight line walk on it, and start taking pictures of

all our planes. Our Air traffic control guys saw this called in our law

enforcement and had her arrested. She said she was a journalist from

Dartmouth. And demanded a ride in one of our planes. However she had no

credentials, and no one to back her story. We confiscated all of her

cameras, and by the end of the day she was in tears. I am still trying to

find out her name and the complete story, but some how she ended up on a

plane anyways. And flew out of here”

God bless our troops.