Ithacan Wants to Amend the Constitution

Over at the Cornell Insider, the blog of our esteemed peers at The Cornell Review, they’ve got an interesting little story on an Ithacan woman who wants to abolish corporate personhood. To that end, she has put a resolution forward before the Ithaca Common Council that calls for the city to express that it is in favor of amending the U.S. Constitution.

For those of you who don’t remember exactly what corporate personhood is, it’s the issue that was at stake in the infamous Citizen’s United vs. Federal Election Commission a little over a year ago. To grossly simplify an idea, corporations are treated like an individual under the law, meaning they can pay taxes as a single entity, make political contributions, and sue and be sued.

One wonders if Ithaca is the only place on earth with less going on than in Hanover. At the very least, camp Occupy Dartmouth no longer clutters the front of Collis Porch, but since they aren’t going to freeze outside any more, perhaps they’ll begin writing annoying letters to the New Hampshire House of Representatives? Maybe we’ll get a resolution out of them, too; this sort of thing is right up the Occupy crowd’s alley.

Sterling C. Beard