Is WGST a Viable Major?

Ann Scott ’06 is conducting a survey of undergraduates about the continued relevance of the Women and Gender Studies program.

From: Ann C. Scott
Subject: Let’s Talk About SEX
Date: May 1, 2005 11:07:14 PM EDT

… in an academic setting.

Please take a few minutes to give us your thoughts on the WGST program at Dartmouth. It’s quick and easy and you only need to answer as many questions as you can. Thanks for your help!!!

Your gender, sexual preference and year:

Have you ever taken a women’s and gender studies (WGST) course at Dartmouth?

If yes, why did you take the course and what did you think of it?

If no, why haven’t you taken a course


Do you think that WGST is a viable major?

What do you think is the purpose of a WGST curriculum?

Who is the typical WGST major?


Do you think that men and women are equal at Dartmouth?