Is this guy for real?

More from the absurdity of sustainability guru Jim Merkel:

In an article in today’s Daily D, Merkel sings the praises of more eco-friendly takeout containers at Food Court. The former clear, plastic containers have been replaced with cardboard, biodegradable ones.

Merkel is already declaring victory on this front, ignoring all the practical implications of the new containers; for instance, pasta sauce and salad dressing saturate and leak through the cardboard, creating messes and rendering it impossible to keep food for an extended period of time, and cashiers have to take extra time to open each opaque container.

Ultimately, Merkel would like to see Tupperware take-out containers (at $20 a pop), that, in his pipe dream, will be returned by each and every student. I can’t wait to see him preach the reality of this option to a student body that regularly steals lunch trays to go sledding. Merkel also bemoans students who get food to go, but eat in anyway. As he explains, “It’s a social issue, and they take the to-go container because they’re not sure they’re going to find a friend to sit with.”

His solution? “Maybe make it cool to sit with someone you don’t know.” Yes, that’s exactly it. Dartmouth pays this guy $105,000 per year to solve all the world’s problems by shifting a paradigm that has been ingrained in society since time immemorial. You’ve got to be effing kidding me here…