Is It Okay To Be White?

Signs have recently appeared on college campuses and public spaces across America with a very simple message: “It’s okay to be white.” The signs are merely blank, white sheets of paper with this message in large font, yet many describe them as evidence of the growing white supremacist movement in the United States.

This trend has vague origins in the murky world of blogging sites such as Reddit and 4chan, but one of the first concrete incidences occurred when students discovered the signs at a Maryland high school. The principal of the school was quick to respond that she was taking the incident seriously as those who posted the signs possibly intended to “foment racial tension.”

Incidences since then have been scattered, but signs have appeared at Tulane University, Harvard, and University of Alberta.

East Grand Rapids First Ward Commissioner Chad Zagel said in response to the signs posted in the Michigan community, “With the kind of world that I’m trying to build for my son, I’m deeply offended. The outrage knows no bounds.” Even Harvard Law School Dean of Students Marcia L. Sells has spoken out on these seemingly insignificant signs, saying the people who posted the signs and stickers “intended to divide us from one another.  HLS [Harvard Law School] will not let that happen here.”  This general sentiment of outrage has prevailed on social media sites, although some have expressed confusion or indignation with regards to the outrage at what they perceived to be harmless signs.

Many say that the purpose of this movement in the first place was to show that “American journalists and lefties” hate white people. This is of course too simplistic, but the outrage over the simple sentiment that being white is okay does suggest a serious problem with the way many progressives think about racial identity. Marcia Sells of Harvard Law School and others who have spoken out against these signs should understand that their reactions only play into the hands of those who posted the message. Their outrage demonstrates that identity politics has gone too far.

  • wildmonk

    Whites are waking up.

    The slogan is just another way of admitting diversity is a weakness.

  • reader

    Liberal dogma doesn’t challenge the behavior of in-group preference fairly or objectively. They only challenged white in-group preference. So here we are.


      Well, if its anti-white, it gets a passion racist generalizations!

  • Jowl Some

    Dean of Students Marcia L. Sells [said] the people who posted the signs and stickers “intended to divide us from one another.”

    There are movements on every campus seeking to establish “safe” spaces where white men are not permitted to enter, and yet the placement of these signs is what Ms. Sells believes is an attempt to divide people. #1984


    So, defending yourself from racial hatreds “divisive”the all-purpose denunciative! Normally used foray president who tries to build national pride or suggestive that the never ending inventiveness of America-hatersis a bunch of hooey!

    • piper60

      If “being divisive”is the new ultimate sin, how do the Dems classify what they and Soros’boughtand paid for snowflakeshave been doing for the last year so?!

    • James Losch


  • piper60

    Even halved Law’s bulletin boards must be politically correct, or the femi-nazicoven will throw tizzy-fit!

  • James Losch

    white, wealthy, privileged and alive all at the same time. can you think of anything better.

    • Mr B J Mann

      And if you’re white, poor, unprivileged, and half dead?!

      Especially if you’re male and straight?!

      Clearly you must be very, very, very wealthy and even more privileged and sheltered if you think your life is anything like the norm.

      There are three kinds of people:

      The privileged wealthy.

      The supposedly unprivileged oppressed minority victims of the wealthy privileged.

      And the rest of us who are effectively enslaved to support you both with our labour and taxes!