Is ASD Backfiring?

We’ve heard a lot of speculation that, far from hurting petition candidates Peter Robinson ’79 and Todd Zywicki ’88, Alumni for a Strong Dartmouth might in fact be causing more people to vote for them. Many alumni and students have suggested in email and in person that the negative campaign is simply drawing attention to the independents and that the group has done nothing to encourage voting for the official slate.

There’s no way to confirm this until the election results are released at the end of next month. Nevertheless, searching Google for “Alumni for a Strong Dartmouth” is very revealing: the website run by that organization ranks only ninth in the results. In fact, The Review‘s coverage of ASD takes spots one through four, and FIRE’s response to them comes in fifth; the ASD website actually ranks below an op-ed by Trustee T.J. Rodgers ’70 in the Daily Dartmouth that refutes the groups claims without even naming it. Their message just doesn’t seem to be getting out, at least not in any sort of positive way.