Internship Experience

The true confessions of a White House intern.

Mimi Alford, a White House intern during the Kennedy administration, will release her memoirs on Wednesday. From the sound of it, Alford’s experience was more than that of a typical summer internship for a college student.

From the NY Post, which received an early copy of the memoir:

Lightning had struck. Later that day, Mimi was invited by Dave Powers, the president’s “first friend” and later the longtime curator of the Kennedy Library in Boston, to an after-work party. When she arrived at the White House residence, Powers and two other young female staffers were waiting. Powers poured, and frequently refilled, her glass with daiquiris until the commander-in-chief arrived.

You might think you can imagine the rest, but Alford spares few details in her remembrances. Her affair with the president lasted eighteen months, with the last encounter coming just seven days before JFK’s Dallas assassination.

Talk about networking.

–Adam I. W. Schwartzman