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>Date: 20 Jan 2004 16:28:01 EST

>From: Luis-Alejandro Dinnella-Borrego

>Subject: The Student Reform Movement

>To: (Recipient list suppressed)

There are many problems facing the American nation. Some are visible and

others are not as visible. There is a large segment of the population that

is unable to have the opportunity of a higher education because of the

economic circumstances in which they are born. These people are no less

intelligent then you or I, they simply have been left behind. They grow up

in inner city neighborhoods or in areas in which the average income does

not allow for adequate funding of public education. Segregation is not

dead; it has merely changed its form. Where once schools and laws divided

our nation, now we find economics and the lack of funding to be of

primary concern. The vast amount of poor and impoverished Americans has

very few remedies. Some work their way out of it, but very few. The others

if given half the chance could indeed rise to new heights, but how can

they do so, when it is nearly impossible for them to find a way to survive?

As students, we are lauded as the bright promise of a new future.

Should it not follow that it is our responsibility and indeed our duty, to

show what we truly are by aiding those who need it most? The public

education system is filled with inequality. There will always be those who

are richer than others, but when this discrepancy comes at the cost of the

very opportunities which are guarded by our Constitution, then this is no

longer the natural order, but injusticefor us all.

If you are interested in helping to bring much needed reform to the

field of public education, and, or seek to reform and find constructive

solutions to the wide-array of problems facing the United States, then

join the Student Reform Movement. We will meet to discuss these as well as

other problems, and attempt, as best we can, to find remedies to these

troubling issues.

We are all brothers,

We are all sisters,

We are all Americans.

Let us work together as one,

Let us unite for the benefit of one and of all,

Let us help those who cannot be helped

And let us helps others come to be aware of these issues in America.

We will be meeting this Wednesday in Collis Commonground from 8:00 to 9:00 where will

begin to discuss and formulate solutions to the issues of public education.



Luis-Alejandro Dinnella-Borrego