Indian? Green? Moose? None of the Above

Richard Miller ’62 writes us with his thoughts on the Dartmouth mascot:

Since I graduated in 1962 I was a Dartmouth Indian. I can see why real Injuns, er, I mean Native Americans, were outraged to be likened to such vacuous liberal nitwits that have overrun the College, although they would probably be proud to lend their likeness to the writers and readers of The Dartmouth Review.

Their outrage resulted in more recent graduates being Big Greens, whatever they are. Since no real “Big Greens” have ever been found we have been safe from criticism but lack any real institutional image.

I have a suggestion of a realistic institutional image, which will be in keeping with the recent victorious seasons of our football team. I think the members of the group will be proud that we are using them as our symbol. It was always the term used in my day by the Emmets and the Newts, er, I mean Native New Hampshirites and Vermonters, to describe us, so it already has widespread appeal. I nominate as our new institutional symbol:

“The Dartmouth Pinhead”

Richard Miller ’62