In Your Pants follow-up

>Date: 27 Apr 2003 19:41:09 EDT

>From: Jennifer A. Kosty

>Reply-To: BlueCanaryInTheOutletByTheLightSwitch

>Subject: In Your Pants

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Did you ever wonder………………………

Is it safe to have sex in the water (or the river) ?

Are there any STD’s you can get while using a condom?

Is anal sex more dangerous than Intercourse?

Does the G-spot actually exsist?

Where can I get sex toys in Hanover?

How “deep” is the average vagina?

Does phone sex with another person count as cheating?

If I’m having sex on a regular basis, should I be on the pill?

Tune in to WDCR 1340 for the answers on IN YOUR PANTS – Dartmouth’s only LIVE, CALL IN (or blitz in, or HB in) SEX SHOW!!!!!

We will be tackling these puzzling questions and many, many more along with resident sexpert Giavanna Munafo from the Center for Women and Gender tonight on WDCR from 10 – 12 pm, so take a break and tune in.

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