In response to Michael Sevi ’02

I read Mr. Sevi’s response to the criticism on the “inter-group dating” discussion he organized last winter. I am indeed the writer of the article published in The Review last winter on this discussion. I was also present for the discussion. I must say, regardless of the plan for the discussion, I was forced to report on what actually took place. The discussion was not advertised nor conducted under any assumption that it was a “group of individuals who generally do not let race or religion bias their behavior towards others” but “when it comes to dating and marriage they suddenly allow these factors to become relevant.” During the actual event, those who spoke made the general point that basically they could not fathom marriage or dating outside a group of people who were not similar or exactly like themselves with regard to religion and race. Nobody spent time discussing the contradiction which was the “premise” of the talk. Therefore, the theme of my piece reflected what I heard. How can someone be on principle open to all races and religions make an arbitrary choice to date only people within their race or religion? It just doesn’t make sense. I’m not passing judgement on the actual choice itself, but on the contradiction of the discussion’s apparent “premise.” Either race or religion do not affect you or race and religion affect you and it isn’t something that you’re liberal and open to in one case and close-minded in the next. It is much more complex and the discussion did not address this dilemma. Also, on a side note, I would like to mention that my last name is spelled “Jeffe” NOT “Jaffe.”