In case it’s not printed

>Date: 13 May 2004 12:23:45 EDT

>From: Alexander D. Talcott

>Reply-To: alex.talcott

>Subject: Short letter to the editor

>To: The Dartmouth

I’ve enjoyed your series on higher education admissions. Clearly five articles cannot exhaust the issues of a process that is becoming ever more competitive and expensive. But I want to suggest that with the presentation of the statistics and advantages of legacy acceptances, there was no statistic offered about the admission rate for students with parents who attended other highly selective institutions. I imagine children of parents who attended Princeton or MIT might fare comparably well as Dartmouth applicants if provided a strong education, set of genes or work ethic. If available, such statistics would help put the legacy advantage into context. It would also help combat the complaining of cynical, anxious parents of high-school-age applicants who are convinced that every applicant besides their own has a connection or an advantage and that a power elite is running McNutt and other admissions offices.