Important lengthy blitz #2

Dear Dartmouth Students,

This morning we were all stunned to find out that the Athletic Department has made the decision to cut the Dartmouth Swimming and Diving Teams as varsity programs. The Budget Committee has also approved these recommendations, so this news is official. While the Student Assembly was under the impression that most of the budget cut proposals would be released this December or January, this decision has been released at this time because of its implications for early decision students, particularly prospective swimmers and divers.

Student Body Vice President Juila Hildreth and I met with Dean of College Jim Larimore this morning to discuss the details of this decision. First, we would like to point students to the following link, which hopefully will clarify some of your questions:

Among other things, Dean Larimore conveyed to us the reality that any cuts in the Athletic Department would be more visible to the campus than cuts in other departments. In addition, we discussed the viability of maintaining a competitive swimming/diving program despite its lack of a varsity status.

Clearly no one on campus wanted this to happen, and we should all stand in solidarity with the swimming and diving teams. We should especially support them during this Winter season, and make their home meets truly memorable.

While this decision appears to be final, students’ voices can still be heard, especially with regard to the future status of the swimming and diving programs.

On Tuesday, December 3rd, the SA has scheduled a Community hour in Collis

Commonground from 12pm-1pm with the Provost Barry Scherr, who oversees the budget committee. We had already arranged this date to discuss potential budget cuts, but now the discussion will feel far more relevant to many students. In addition, the Student Assembly has convened a task force to collect student feedback throughout the budget cut process. The Administration has agreed to work with this group to ensure student voice in evaluating further budget cut decisions.

Thank you, and please blitz me, Julia, or the Student Assembly account if you would like to discuss this further.

Janos Marton, Student Body President

Julia Hildreth, Student Body Vice President