Important lengthy blitz #1

Date: November 25, 2002

To: Dartmouth Students

From: Jim Larimore, Dean of the College

Re: Revised Alcohol Policy

In early October, I sent you an email to provide you with a status report on revisions to the College�s alcohol policy that were recommended last spring by a Working Group comprised of students, faculty and staff. The Working Group paid particular attention to questions surrounding the language in our alcohol policy, social event registration, server training guidelines, and the �Good Samaritan� policy. Student input on the proposed revisions was extensive and thoughtful, and many of you offered helpful suggestions for ways to improve the campus social environment.

Campus discussions made clear that our alcohol policy needed to place greater emphasis on health, safety, individual, and group responsibility, and to provide clear information regarding when and where registered social events could take place when they included the service of alcohol. I have accepted the main recommendations of the Working Group. Beginning January 5, 2003, we will implement a revised alcohol policy; a copy of the revised policy will be available at on or before the beginning of the term.

The revised alcohol policy better reflects the social climate that we strive to maintain regarding the appropriate role and use of alcohol by members of the community. The policy balances desirable freedoms with essential responsibilities, such as respect for self and others. The success of the policy will require the cooperative effort of students, administrators, faculty and alumni. Specific changes in the policy include:

� More clarity about where social events involving the service/provision of alcohol to students of legal drinking age can take place.

� The �Tier System� for registering parties has been replaced by a simpler system (registration is encouraged, but optional if attendance is 10 or fewer in a residence hall common area; 40 or the number of organization members, whichever is fewer, in a Coed, Fraternity, or Sorority physical plant).

� If alcohol is present at a social event, certified trained student or other servers, or paid professional servers will be required. Training will be optional but encouraged during the 2003 winter term, and required as of the start of the 2003 spring term.

� The �Good Samaritan� policy has been reaffirmed and clarified.

The College supports the choice made by some students not to consume alcohol and actively discourages and responds to the irresponsible use of alcohol. We recognize that the majority of students who choose to drink do so in a responsible manner. However, we also recognize that the irresponsible use of alcohol can have negative consequences for the irresponsible drinker as well as for others with whom they come in contact.

Social gatherings at Dartmouth, including those at which alcohol is served, can be an important and enjoyable part of community life. They must also be conducted in a manner that protects the health and well-being of community members and guests, complies with College policy and State laws, and reflects the high value we place on respect for the rights of all individuals. When alcohol is served, it should be an adjunct or enhancement to the event rather than the sole reason for the event. Given the degree of freedoms and responsibilities associated with social life at Dartmouth, it is expected that students will model responsible alcohol use and that the hosts of events will exercise care and good judgment in the planning and management of events.

Student suggestions about the procedures for registering and hosting social events resulted in the adaptation of the Social Events Procedures used by the Greek Leadership Council. These revised procedures will apply to all student organizations and residences interested in hosting an event that involves the service of alcohol. The Social Events Procedures will be available for review by the beginning of winter term on the Safety and Security website.

As recommended by the Working Group, a new training program for event hosts, servers and monitors is being developed. Training will be optional but encouraged during the winter term in order to allow students the opportunity to help refine the training. Training for servers and monitors will be required as of spring term 2003, which will provide student organizations sufficient time to have their members participate in training.

I believe that these improvements to the alcohol policy will strengthen our ability to work together to safeguard the health and well-being of students, and to preserve the ability of students and student organizations to exercise freedom and good judgment in hosting social events where alcohol is served. As suggested by the Working Group, I will review the effectiveness of the revised alcohol policy and social event procedures with students and colleagues during the summer and fall terms of 2003.

Best wishes for an enjoyable winter break.