Protesters Attack Trump’s Immigration Order

A multitude of people poured onto the Dartmouth Green mid-day Saturday after Al Nur, the Muslim Student Association at Dartmouth College, emailed out about the event.

The protesters, including students, faculty, and community members, carried signs and chanted while marching through downtown Hanover by way of Main Street.

They were protesting many things, although their foremost concern was President Trump’s recent executive order temporarily halting immigration from certain countries. Some of the chants included: “No hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here,” and, “Hey hey, ho ho, the Muslim ban has got to go.”

Notable signs read: “Immigrants are America,” “No ban / No wall / All are welcome,” “Welcome Refugees (Ban Trump!),” and “Immigrants get the job done.”

Some protesters wore pink knitted hats intended to symbolize female genitalia, a throwback to the recent Women’s March. In addition to the religious Muslims who took part, a number of non-Muslims donned hijabs and traditional head wear from Muslim majority countries.

After about an hour of marching, the protesters made their way back to the Dartmouth Green. Protesters concluded the demonstration by forming a circle, holding hands, and singing This Land is Your Land.

  • finesofla

    The new Brownshirts of the 21st century.

  • spin43

    Ignore them.

  • richardpe

    Bet they didn’t march and throw a tantrum when Obama did the same thing in 2011 & 2013. They are a laughing stock.

  • susansylvia

    What? They didn’t sing Kumbaya?

  • Bill Cosby

    I wonder if the survivors of the Orlando nightclub shooting were there.