Immelt Speaks; Protestors Flub

Jeffrey Immelt ’78 provided the latest lecture in this summer’s Leading Voices series. Immelt, the current C.E.O. of General Electric and a Dartmouth Trustee, gave a great speech in which he focused on the future of America’s energy security and the merits of alternative energy R&D.

Not all were pleased with Immelt’s arrival on campus though, and a few students led by history professor Russell Rickford organized a poorly attended protest. Although the protest was ostensibly about Immelt’s actions as C.E.O., and in that vein the protestors handed out flyers explaining their position, the event itself quickly digressed into near incoherence.

Luckily, the Review was there with a camera to catch the farce.

One highlight was this student, whose time is apparently best spent playing dress-up.

The crowd in attendance consisted of confused and seemingly uninformed Dartmouth employees.

As mentioned, the protest took a nosedive almost immediately and, within 15 minutes, became a singalong against, among other things, timeless favorite The Dartmouth Review and…apartheid?

Check back for video coverage.

–Adam I. W. Schwartzman