I think this is for real…

>From: Lena.E.Previll@Dartmouth.edu (Lena E. Previll)

>Subject: QuEER bAr NiGHt

>Date: 31 Mar 2003 17:54:40 -0500

>Bulletin Topic: Activities for Students

>Expires: 5 Apr 2003 17:54:06 -0500

**********oo, pretty stars*****

Thursday, April 3


(if this snazzy combination of lower case and caps doesn’t grab your attention, we don’t know what will)

(now for some perfunctory slang)

Wassap, DAWG?!

Get yo’ QUEER on at LONE PINE TAVERN. We’ll be mixing it up with CRaZy drinks yo, like:

Fruity Flamer

Lime Hook-up

Out with a Twist

Ellen DeGingerale

Siegfried and Roy Rogers

Coconut Cruiser

one FrEe with a drink ticket when you roll in. And kickA$$ appetizers.

Show off your VoCaL StYLiNZ at our phat KARAOKE machine.

Competition @ 10 pm!!! AWesum prizez… it’s gonna be riDUNCulous, yo!

Win some TiGHT DoOR PRiZeS.

(now for some irrelevant pop culture references)

Come see Lone Pine like you’ve never seen it before! It’s HeRE, IT’s QUEeR, (go lone pine, it’s your birthday….) This bar is not nearly as SkeTchY as Colin Farrell might not have been.

(and now to quote that oh-so-overquoted anthem)

“It’s gettin hot out there, so come to Q-B-N… “

So do it… Thursday Night, 9pm to 1am, at the LPT… coMe sTrAigHT or with a tWisT

*****more pretty stars***********

This message brought to you by GSA.

Much thanks to COSO, Programming Board and LonePineTavern for sponsoring Queer Bar Night at Lone Pine Tavern. Special thanks to Don, Lena, Tim, Patrick, and the awesome staff at Lone Pine.