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>Date: 09 Oct 2003 21:42:44 EDT

>From: Alexander D. Talcott

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>Subject: Re: Our New Mascot!

>To: Amy M. Do

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I’m actually writing the article for tomorrow’s paper and I’d like to know if anyone has any serious opinions about the Moose and if anyone would be willing to give me some quotes to use for my article.

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The Moose might have been a fine, unifying symbol if adopted a quarter century ago. And the most ludicrous part of this new mascot process was that the Woodsman was a choice; I thought the Indian was in poor taste primarily because it portrayed a human being. It’s sad that we can’t deal with our past with the Indian mascot honestly; we are told by administrators and professors that it was never our official mascot even though it appeared on the front-page of design of The D and on athletic team uniforms.

Good luck w/ your article,