How to Bring Back the Dimensions Show

Dartmouth has erupted with justified anger over the College’s decision to cancel the very popular Dimensions musical show held each year for prospective Dartmouth students. Many students have credited the show as a major part of their decision to attend the school, and are disappointed with yet another administrative move that robs Dartmouth of its unique identity in an effort to out-Harvard Harvard.

Apparently, some students want to have a protest soon on the Green or in front of Parkhurst. While I’m sure the administration will quake in its boots at a few dozen students giving them a strongly-worded verbal lashing, for some reason I suspect that this will not make them change their minds.

This is unfortunate, as students could very easily get the Dimensions show brought back if they simply employed better tactics.

I have an alternative strategy I believe is worthy of consideration: Students, if you want the show brought back, organize yourself into a group and announce that until it returns, you will aggressively discourage students from coming to Dartmouth. Then, live up to this promise. Approach tour groups and warn them about a grossly bloated administration that routinely goes against student interests because it cares only about nickel-and-diming them as much as possible while watching out for its short-term reputation. Volunteer to host prospies this coming spring and urge them to go elsewhere. Get enough people on board with this project and Parkhurst will be crapping its pants in no time. The school’s ability to attract an Ivy League-quality student body is dependent on its ability to get students to play along and promote the school ahead of its competitors. Deny them the ability to do this and they will come around.

But hey, if you think your Facebook petition is a better approach, go ahead and stick with that.

–Blake Neff