Hood to Show ‘Quirky Pieces’

The Hood Museum of Art will be giving special tours of its collection tomorrow, including some of its “most quirky pieces.” Does that include these works?

From: Callen H. Thompson
Subject: Weird, amazing things in the Hood Museum:
Date: May 17, 2005 1:21:54 PM EDT

*Our art museum owns 60,000 pieces:::: everything from:
Picasso prints from the Vollard Suite to Vito Acconci posters,
Matisse drawings to Dr. Seuss paintings,
Aboriginal art to Native American baskets,
quirky key pieces from the Fluxus art movement (Yoko Ono etc.) to Chagall prints.*

—Sign up to come tomorrow and see some of the most famous & most quirky pieces in the Hood Museum of Art’s Collection in person– in a small intimate setting.

Wednesday, May 18th:
3-4 pm
or 4-5 pm
Only 16 slots available for each time period!

((( Sign up by RSVPing to: crunk@dartmouth.edu )))

******Everything from shrunken mermaids to Pollock to Miro to Rembrandt. All in one afternoon.********************************