Hoo Boy!

Date: 20 May 2005 16:37:44 EDT
From: 05-Class-Council
Subject: ipodshuffle scavenger party
To: (Recipient list suppressed)

fun scavenger hunt

ipod shuffle

party pack

good stuff

come and get it


          Senior Scavenger Hunt and Party!!

          ipods, free food, refreshments…

               Friday, May 20

          teams of four will follow clues that lead
          all around campus in an attempt to find
          the location of the party

          each member of the winning team will win
               an ipod shuffle!!!

               The kickoff is at 6:15 pm in Fuel
          Teams can be up to four people (all must be 05s)

          the party begins when the first team arrives, at which
          point we will send out a blitz to the entire class revealing
          the location of the party. all 05s are welcome

*please bring your government issued id