Homecoming Sports Review

First a preview of the upcoming weekend: The Dartmouth-Princeton hockey game is this weekend. While no official warning has been issued thus far, a reminder that last season the team did not want people to throw tennis balls anymore (even though 50 or so did, and 3 supreme idiots did so a second time, forcing Dartmouth to settle for the tie rather than possibly getting the win – and they lost the Ivy Title by a single point) and I would assume the same applies this year. As a suggestion, if you absolutely must throw a tennis ball, do so after the last whistle rather than the first goal. The worst that can happen to the team at that point is a symbolic penalty at the 20:00 mark.

Next, it was an absolute disappointing weekend on the gridiron and the ice. The football team outplayed Harvard, especially in the 2nd half, but the porous kicking game, a questionable play call, and some downright bad timekeeping conspired to give the Crimson the 13-12 win. Dartmouth failed to convert after a touchdown for the 4th and 5th times this season. The decision to go for 2 and the win was a good one given the poor kicking game, but the play call on the conversion attempt was extremely poor. And the timekeeper was absolutely awful, allowing 5-6 extra seconds to run off the clock with roughly a minute to go, and then allowing the clock to expire when the ball appeared to be spiked with 1-2 seconds left. The on field officiating wasn’t much better, with several blatent penalties going uncalled and the referee never putting time back on the clock standing out especially.

On the ice, the Dartmouth men held a 43-11 advantage in shots on goal, a 98-17 advantage in shot attempts, and still lost 2-1 to a weak Quinnipiac squad in an extremely boring game to watch. They bounced back the next night to take a comfortable 4-1 victory over UConn. The crowd both nights was disappointing. Only 3600+ for the season opener and just over 3000 for UConn. Last year the team averaged 4000+ fans per game.