Highly Inappropriate

This was sent out by a professor, Ifi Amadiume of the Religion Department, to a recipient list of professors AND two classes worth of students.

11 Oct 2002 12:55:33 EDT

Mourn the Victims.

Stand for Peace.

Islam is not the Enemy.

War is NOT the Answer.

Today we are at a point of imbalance in the world and are moving

toward what may be the beginning of a THIRD WORLD WAR. If you are against

this possibility, the UN is gathering signatures in an effort to avoid a

tragic world event.

Please COPY (rather than Forward) this e-mail in a

new message, sign at the end of the list, and send it to all the

people whom you know. If you receive this list with more than 500

names signed, please send a copy of the message to:




Even if you decide not to sign, please consider forwarding the

petition on instead of eliminating it.

1) Suzanne Dathe, Grenoble, France

2) Laurence COMPARAT, Grenoble, France

3) Philippe MOTTE, Grenoble, France

4) Jok FERRAND, Mont St. Martin, France

5) Emmanuelle PIGNOL, St Martin d’Heres,FRANCE

6) Marie GAUTHIER, Grenoble, FRANCE

7) Laurent VESCALO, Grenoble, FRANCE

8) Mathieu MOY, St Egreve, FRANCE

9) Bernard BLANCHET, Mont St Martin,FRANCE

10) Tassadite FAVRIE, Grenoble, FRANCE

11) Loic GODARD, St Ismier, FRANCE

12) Benedicte PASCAL, Grenoble, FRA NCE

13) Khedaidja BENATIA, Grenoble, FRANCE

14) Marie-Therese LLORET, Grenoble,FRANCE

15) Benoit THEAU, Poitiers, FRANCE

16) Bruno CONSTANTIN, Poitiers, FRANCE

17) Christian COGNARD, Poitiers, FRANCE

18) Robert GARDETTE, Paris, FRANCE

19) Claude CHEVILLARD, Montpellier, FRANCE

20) gilles FREISS, Montpellier, FRANCE

21) Patrick AUGEREAU, Montpellier, FRANCE

22) Jean IMBERT, Marseille, FRANCE

23) Jean-Claude MURAT, Toulouse, France

24) Anna BASSOLS, Barcelona, Catalonia

25) Mireia DUNACH, Barcelona, Catalonia

26) Michel VILLAZ, Grenoble, France

27) Pages Frederique, Dijon, France

28) Rodolphe FISCHMEISTER,Chatenay-Malabry, France

29) Francois BOUTEAU, Paris, France

30) Patrick PETER , Paris, France

31) Lorenza RADICI, Paris, France

32) Monika Siegenthaler, Bern, Switzerland

33) Mark Philp, Glasgow, Scotland

34) Tomas Andersson, Stockholm, Sweden

35) Jonas Eriksson, Stockholm, Sweden

36) Karin Eriksson, Stockholm, Sweden

37) Ake Ljung, Stockholm, Sweden

38) Carina Sedlmayer, Stockholm, Sweden

39) Rebecca Uddman, Stockholm, Sweden

40) Lena Skog, Stockholm, Sweden

41) Micael Folke, Stockholm, Sweden

42) Britt-Marie Folke, Stockholm, Sweden

43) Birgitta Schuberth, Stockholm, Sweden

44) Lena Dahl, Stockholm, Sweden

45) Ebba Karlsson, Stockholm, Sweden

46) Jessica Carlsson, Vaxjo, Sweden

47) Sara Blomquist, Vaxjo, Sweden

48) Magdalena Fosseus, Vaxjo, Sweden

49) Charlotta Langner, Goteborg, Sweden

50) Andrea Egedal, Goteborg, Sweden

51) Lena Persson, Stockholm, Sweden

52) Magnus Linder, Umea ,Sweden

53) Petra Olofsson, Umea, Sweden

54) Caroline Evenbom, Vaxjo, Sweden

55) Asa Peterson, Grimes, Sweden

56) Jessica Bjork, Grimes, Sweden

57) Linda Ahlbom Goteborg, Sweden

58) Jenny Forsman, Boras, Sweden

59) Nina Gunnarson, Kinna, Sweden

60) Andrew Harrison, New Zealand

61) Bryre Murphy, New Zealand

62) Claire Lugton, New Zealand

63) Sarah Thornton, New Zealand

64) Rachel Eade, New Zealand

65) Magnus Hjert, London, UK

67) Madeleine Stamvik, Hurley, UK

68) Susanne Nowlan, Vermont, USA

69) Lotta Svenby, Malmoe, Sw eden

70) Adina Giselsson, Malmoe, Sweden

71) Anders Kullman, Stockholm, Sweden

72) Rebecka Swane, Stockholm, Sweden

73) Jens Venge, Stockholm, Sweden

74) Catharina Ekdahl, Stockholm, Sweden

75) Nina Fylkegard, Stockholm, Sweden

76) Therese Stedman, Malmoe, Sweden

77) Jannica Lund, Stockholm, Sweden

78) Douglas Bratt

79) Mats Lofstrom, Stockholm, Sweden

80) Li Lindstrom, Sweden

81) Ursula Mueller, Sweden

82) Marianne Komstadius, Stockholm, Sweden

83) Peter Thyselius, Stockholm, Sweden

84) Gonzalo Oviedo, Quito, Ecuador

85) Amalia Romeo, Gland, Switzerland

86) Margarita Restrepo, Gland, Switzerland

87) Eliane Ruster, Crans p.C., Switzerland

88) Jennifer Bischo ff-Elder, Hong Kong

89) Azita Lashgari, Beirut, Lebanon

90) Khashayar Ostovany, New York, USA

91) Lisa L Miller, Reno NV

92) Danielle Avazian, Los Angeles, CA

93) Sara Risher,Los Angeles,Ca.

94) Melanie London, New York, NY

95) Susan Brownstein , Los Angeles, CA

96) Steven Raspa, San Francisco, CA

97) Margot Duane, Ross, CA

98) Natasha Darnall, Los Angeles, CA

99) Candace Brower, Evanston, IL

100) James Kjelland, Evanston, IL

101) Michael Jampole, Beach Park, IL, USA

102) Diane Willis, Wilmette, IL, USA

103) Sharri Russell, Roanoke, VA, USA

104) Faye Cooley, Roanoke, VA, USA

105) Celeste Thompson, Round Rock, TX, USA

106) Sherry Stang, Pflugerville, TX, USA

107) Jean-Pierre Sergent, New York, USA

108) Nkemdilim Amadiume, New York, USA

109) Ifi Amadiume, NH, USA