Higher than Average Rush

Yesterday witnessed the end of this year’s rush process. According to the Daily D the number of participants this year was higher than normal. Here is the breakdown of this year’s pledge classes:

AXA: 24
AD: 24
BG: 19
Chi Gam: 25
Heorot: 27
GDX: 21
Tri-Kap: 23
Phi Delt: 17
Psi U: 31
SAE: 21
Sig Nu: 15
Sig Ep: 28
Theta Delt: 28

UPDATE: Here is the break down of bids sent out by the sororities last night:

Alpha Phi: 24
AZD: 41
Tri-Delt: 40
KDE: 41
KKG: 42
EKT: 23
Sigma Delt: 40