He once was lost…

>Date: 06 Dec 2003 00:13:17 EST

>From: Jack-O-Lantern

>Subject: Keggy Found

>To: (Recipient list suppressed)

Keggy has been recovered. He was in a dorm room inhabited by students who are known for stealing from fraternity houses. His nose is crushed beyond recognition, but the rest of the costume seems to be okay, so if we can make a new nose Keggy will hopefully be back sometime in the winter.

Word will slowly spread about the identity of Keggy’s captors. Please be kind to them, at least until winter term. We want them to get good grades during finals so they can transfer to another college with relative ease.

Thanks to everbody for words of support. We’d like to reemphasize that this was NOT a Jacko publicity stunt, that we really have been running around like headless chickens all day hunting for Keggy, and will fail our exams tomorrow because of it. We look forward to providing Dartmouth with further silly-mascot services throughout winter term.

Good luck on your exams.


The Jack-O-Lantern