Harvard Professor Jim Yong Kim is 17th Dartmouth President

From a message sent from The Daily D to its email subscriber list:

Harvard University professor Jim Yong Kim, a former director of the World Health Organization’s HIV/AIDS division renowned for his research on drug-resistant tuberculosis, will become Dartmouth’s 17th president, College officials announced Monday. Kim’s selection comes against the backdrop of the presidential search committee’s calls for a leader with a commitment to graduate education and knowledge of medical schools.

UPDATE 03/02: Staffer Sterling C. Beard managed to shake hands with President-elect Kim and welcome him on behalf of The Review to campus. In that interaction, Pres. Kim told Sterling that:

1. He has read the book The Dartmouth Review Pleads Innocent, cover to cover;

2. That he read The Review’s Dickey issue, from which he derived the inspiration for the Dickey reference in his speech. In that issue, we had Charlie Dameron ’11’s article on J-S Dickey himself, as well as two articles on the Dickey Center by Blair Bandeen ’12 and Mike Edgar ’11;

3. Finally, that he would be willing to–I think Sterling said “love to”–do an interview with The Review.